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our Story

Hi! I’m Lyndsay, I’m a busy mom of two active little guys! Culture Kefir Co was started in my kitchen as a project for my family. My youngest son started experiencing some health issues that nothing seemed to be able to fix properly. I made it my personal mission and began finding out about probiotics and gut health. Discovering water kefir, we began to play around and We started making it at home. It helped him a lot, it was incredible. suddenly we had friends and neighbours “placing orders” and lining up to try! We loved the feedback and hearing the stories about how it was a helpful addition to their daily routines. this was it, we had truly found our calling! it was then that we realized that this is something we could share with a lot of people and help with their health!

we take probiotic-rich water kefir and infuse it with a rainbow of fresh, raw, nutrient-rich foods to produce a delicious tonic beverage that makes your body feel great. Low in sugar, packed with probiotics, infused with the natural goodness of raw foods, our Infused Water Kefir Tonics are a toast to your health.

We offer six vibrant flavours:

– Spirulina *newly released!*

– Activated Charcoal

– Cranberry Turmeric

– Strawberry Rose

– Mango Ginger

– Blueberry Lavender *seasonal*

We truly hope you love our water kefirs, this is our passion.

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